PE Pipes & Fittings

Jagriti Pipes PE Pipes and Fittings offer a wide range of options to suit various applications. The PE Piping System covers a comprehensive range of pipe sizes in different thermoplastics, ranging from 20mm to 200mm in diameter. These pipes can be installed on the surface, buried, slip lined, trenchless, floating, and submerged. The system is suitable for transporting fluids such as water, wastewater, compressed gases/air, odorous and corrosive gases, chemicals, and hazardous wastes/effluents. It is also capable of conveying solids such as coal ash, slurries, sand, and cables.

Jagriti Pipes focuses on conservation, including water and energy conservation, as well as nature protection. Their product range includes Plastic Piping Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Micro Irrigation Systems, Food Processing, and Plastic Sheets. These products are designed to align with sustainability goals and are accompanied by excellent quality and services.

Jagriti Pipes have been manufacturing PE pipes have mastered the extrusion and co-extrusion processes using state-of-the-art machines and equipment to ensure quality and strict adherence to standards.

Jagriti Pipes takes pride in their extensive expertise in stretching plastics to their limits, achieving remarkable progress and success all under one roof.

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